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JCM.MARKETING provides marketing support to companies with annual gross revenues under one million dollars. These range from local businesses to national brands in niche markets.

Three steps to improve your marketing focus.

Market Analysis


What do customers say about your company? How do they say it? What do they want or expect from you? What challenges do they face, and how does your offer help them overcome these challenges?


Fresh Content


What do the numbers say? Collect Customer data from web site analytics, social media applications, and the competition's marketing efforts. Create content with a voice that likely customers will hear.


Target Audience


Deliver content to the target audience for your product or service. Engage customers correctly to maintain your connection. Offer incentives for customer loyalty and referrals for continued growth.


Repeat with more insight.



Images, graphics, video and text must present well across all devices.

Prestige Chinese Teas Company,, soft launch June 2018

Prestige Chinese Teas Company make and wholesale herbal teas with amazing complimentary blends and tastes.
The herbal ingredients individually provide a variety of health benefits; these include weight loss, detoxification, healthier skin, and control of cholesterol.
Over thirty years of craft and care have been poured into these herbal teas, becoming an ingredient which can be tasted, but never duplicated.

(Migration from Miva Merchant of over 700 active customers to Shopify. Project through Jan 2019, goal of 40% increase in sales from previous year.)


Ho Dental Company needed to establish a market presence consistent with the innovative and highly rated products invented by Dr. Phillip Ho.

Complete conversion from non-performing broken web page to a robust lead generation system. 18 month project.


New product images, sales and training literature, product catalog, demonstration videos. - in development


'Women Make Some Noise: Take Charge of Your Life and Defend Yourself!' is the vision of a life long Martial Artist and Teacher, Master Regina Pinpin.

The World Health Organization recently declared violence against women an 'global health crisis'.

Challenge is to create an effective distance learning system for the delivery of women's self defense and safety training, with limited local support. Testing of first program set for January 2019. (Video, Course development with weekly training module delivery, subscription and tracking system, periodic live instructor meeting option)

new product images, sales and training literature, product catalog, demonstration videos.


Market Research

Traffic Analytics

Competitor Analysis

Keyword Research


New Audience

Design Efficiency:

Pages are tested for desktop and mobile experience rating.

google Speed Test for JCM.MARKETING

Google Experience where it counts:

We know how to help your content with a higher score

A slow loading web page frustrates the viewer and has a negative effect on search result placement.

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Please tell us about your business, and we'll devise a custom program to suit.